SIP Trunk Setup: 3CX PBX

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  • SIP Trunk Setup: 3CX PBX
  • SIP Trunk Setup: 3CX PBX

    1. Select "SIP Trunks"

    2. Select + Add SIP Trunk

    3. Select Voxtelesys

    Select Country: US

    Select Provider in your Country: Voxtelesys

    Main Trunk No: Your Vox Number

    4. Fill in Authentication with the information provided by Voxtelesys

    Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP: Provided by Voxtelesys

    Number of SIM Calls: Call limit with Voxtelesys

    Type of Authentication: Provided by Voxtelesys

    Authentication ID (aka SIP User ID): Provided by Voxtelesys

    Authentication Password: Provided by Voxtelesys

    • Note: Voxtelesys also supports IP authentication.

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides here!

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