Tutorials: Phone Setup

Phone Setup

In this guide we will be setting up a Fanvil IP phone on the FreePBX system; other phones like Polycom, SNOM, Yealink, and Grandstream will be similar.

Make sure the phone restarts to its default settings, because we do not want to reach out to another PBX system.

Log in to your FreePBX server with your credentials.

Go to the "Extensions" page, which can be found under the "Applications" tab.

If you need to add a new extension, click here to see the tutorial.

Under the "General" settings, copy the Secret.

  • We do not recommend changing this password to something easier, as this allows hackers to easily access your extension to make fraudulent calls. If your extension is compromised, please update this password right away and make it very complex.

You can access the phone GUI by typing in the phone's IPv4 address in your browser. If you do not know the phone's IP address, it can usually be found in the phone's network settings or with a network scan.

Enter the default login and password for the phone; you can search for the default password for your phone online.

  • We recommend changing your default password on the phone to help secure your phone and phone system.
  1. Once you are logged into Fanvil go under "Line" then "SIP"

  2. Make sure the user is active

  3. Use your extension number as the "Username" and "Authentication User"

  4. Set the "Display Name" to the extension's name

  5. Set the "Realm" and "Server Address" to the public IP address of the FreePBX

  6. Set the "Authentication Password" to the "Secret" from the extension on FreePBX

  7. Apply the settings

After you are done configuring your IP phone, make some test calls.