Tutorials: Download Mobile App

3CX is a global leader in office communications. Their mobile app has many handy features for your business. You can make phone calls, schedule meetings, participate in video conferencing, do screen sharing, and chat with anyone in real-time. The 3CX mobile app has faster recognition speed and an upgraded notification section compared to its previous versions. It’s available as a desktop app, but it’s also available on mobile devices, so you can easily connect from anywhere. Follow the steps below to download the app and start communicating!

This can be done from your Android and iOS device.

Select Install or Download.

Begin using the app! For a quick breakdown of how to set up, follow our [https://voxtelesys.com/tutorial/3cx-mobile-app-setup](3CX Mobile App Setup tutorial.)

For any other questions on 3CX, go to their website.