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  • Add Bulk Extensions: 3CX PBX
  • Add Bulk Extensions: 3CX PBX

    Adding bulk extensions in 3CX is easy and saves a lot of time! For more detail on the CSV file see:

    1. Download the CSV Sample File

    Download the CSV sample file here


    1. Go to your Extensions

    2. Export an existing extension

    2. Open File

    Open the sample file or the exported extension file.


    Exported Example:

    • Delete the exported extension information before importing.

    3. Fill in Extension Info

    Required Fields are:

    • Number: numeric only
    • AuthID: alphanumeric
    • AuthPassword: alphanumeric
    • DeskphoneWebPass: alphanumeric

    *But it is best practice to fill in at least these fields as well:

    • FirstName:
    • LastName:
    • EmailAddress:
    • MobileNumber: numeric only (Ex: 4025873684)
    • PIN: numeric only
    • OutboundCallerID: numeric only (Ex: 4028246300)
    • DeliverAudio: 1

    If you are adding physical phones, you can add the models and MAC addresses!

    • MAC_0: MAC of phone
    • PhoneModel14: Phone Model (Ex: Yealink T48S)
    • PhoneTemplate14: 3CX phone Template (Ex:

    *Phone models and templates can be located here:

    4. Import the File

    5. View the Imported Extensions

    • If there is an error, copy the error and search for the field in the CSV file and fill in the data.

    • If you get the next to the extension's first name, select those extensions and regenerate.

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides here!

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