3CX (V20) | Bulk Importing Users

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  • 3CX (V20) | Bulk Importing Users
  • 3CX (V20) | Bulk Importing Users

    1. Log in to 3CX

    2. Navigate to the 3CX Admin Console

    3. Select Users

    4. Export Users

    5. Open the .CSV File

    Navigate to your Downloads folder and find the .CSV file.

    Open the .CSV file with a spreadsheet application.

    6. Input User Information

    Required fields:

    • FirstName: Enter the users' first names.
    • LastName: Enter the users' last names.
    • EmailAddress: Enter the users' email addresses.

    Save the .CSV file and select Use Text CSV Format if it prompts you.

    7. Import Users

    Upload your .CSV file.

    You will receive a message that looks like this to indicate that it is uploading successfully:

    8. Verify Import

    After it is done uploading, verify your imported users.