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  • 3CX | Add 911 Rule
  • 3CX | Add 911 Rule

    • Note: This guide is for setting up 3CX Version 18, for Version 20 click here!

    1. Log in to the 3CX Management Console

    2. Select Settings

    3. General

    4. Add Emergency Numbers

    5. Add Emergency Information

    Name: 911 Rule name

    Number: 911

    Call from extension(s): Add in specific extensions

    Call from extension group(s): Select Extension Groups

    Route: Voxtelesys Trunk

    Outbound Caller ID: 911 caller ID from Voxtelesys

    Example of Extension Group(s):

    6. View and verify created rule

    7. Add Notifications

    1. Click Notifications

    1. Select your notification type

    • Voxtelesys requires an SMS/Textable number to receive 911 notifications from our network, which is set in our Portal: https://portal.voxtelesys.net/

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides here!

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