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  • 3CX | Add Ring Groups

    • Note: This guide is for setting up 3CX Version 18, for Version 20 click here!

    1. Log in to the 3CX Management Console

    2. Select Ring Groups

    3. Select + Add Ring Group

    4. Configure Ring Group settings

    • Name: Type in a name of your choice.
    • Virtual Extension Number: The virtual extension number is assigned by default.
    • Ring Strategy: Typically, the ring strategy should be set to the "Ring All" option. If you want to prioritize which extension gets rung first, you could set it to the "Prioritized Hunt" option.
    • Ring Time: The ring time is set to 20 seconds by default, but you can set it to anything you would like.

    Next, select the + Add button to add group members.

    Select the extension(s) from here.

    You can optionally assign a DID number or numbers to receive calls directly to this extension.

    Select the Destination for the call if there is no answer from the drop down.

    5. Create the Ring Group

    Click on OK to create the Ring Group.