Toll-Free Verification

Simplify SMS Messaging: Get Your Toll-Free Number Verified

Toll Free Verification
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What is the Toll-Free Verification?

If you plan on using your Toll-Free number to send SMS text messages you are required to get your number verified. Toll-Free Verification is a simple form to complete but does require very specific opt-in and opt-out methods that will be confirmed during the verification process.

Is Toll-Free Verification required?

Yes, any messages sent from an un-verified Toll-Free number will be blocked. There is no grace period and outbound messaging will be blocked until the number has passed verification.

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When to Submit Your Request

If you plan on SMS text messaging with your toll-free number you should submit your request as soon as possible. Voxtelesys will review your submission and then pass it along for final review if no changes are required.

How long does verification take?

Verification takes about 3-7 days to get a response, if rejected the submission will need to be updated and resubmitted. Resubmissions take another 3-7 days.

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Simplify Toll-Free SMS Verification: Tips for a Smooth Process

Toll-Free Verification can seem like a complex process, but there are steps you can take to ensure a smooth verification for your numbers. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Tip #1: Submit One Number per Request
  • For optimal processing, submit only one toll-free number per verification request. This simplifies the process for both you and the verification team.

  • Tip #2: Demonstrate a Valid Opt-In Method
  • You'll need to provide evidence of a valid opt-in method for your customers. This can be a URL linking directly to your opt-in page, or a clear screenshot showcasing the opt-in process. The verification team needs to understand how your customers are consenting to receive SMS messages.

  • Tip #3: Maintain a Functional Website with a Privacy Policy
  • Ensure your website is operational and includes a comprehensive privacy policy. This policy should specifically address SMS/text messaging practices to comply with regulations.