Entering the Telecom Market

The business of selling telecom services extends beyond simple rebranding or rebilling for your customer base. It involves navigating through a myriad of regulations. This document outlines key considerations for those looking to enter the telecom market, as well as strategies for agents and resellers to profit from phone system sales without becoming mired in regulatory complexities.

Considering Telecom Sales

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The decision to sell telecom services can involve a comparison between the potential profits of reselling and the commissions earned as an agent. The level of effort required and the corresponding rewards vary and should be evaluated based on your business’s unique circumstances.

  • SIP trunking and other telecom services require careful research due to the substantial responsibility placed on the reseller.
  • Compliance with FCC and state regulations is mandatory.
  • The registration process is complex and varies based on the nature of your services.
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De Minimis Exemption

Providers with annual FUSF contributions under $10,000 may qualify for a de minimis exemption, avoiding direct USF contributions.

Learn More About De Minimis
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Additional Considerations

  • Stir/Shaken (S/S)
  • RoboCall Mitigation (RMD)
  • Industry Traceback Group (ITG)
  • The Campaign Registry (TCR)
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Getting Started

For those seeking to sell telecom legitimately, consulting with a telecom attorney is advisable. We also recommend certain companies for tax compliance support.

  • [Register for a 499 ID](https://www.usac.org/service-providers/contributing-to-the-usf/register-for-a-499-id/)
  • [Manage your 499 ID](https://www.usac.org/service-providers/contributing-to-the-usf/manage-your-499-id/)
  • [De Minimis Information](https://www.usac.org/service-providers/contributing-to-the-usf/forms-to-file/de-minimis/)
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Opting Out of Telecom Sales

For those who find telecom sales daunting, Voxtelesys offers an agent program that manages billing and taxes, providing a monthly commission.


The Voxtelesys partner program offers escalating commissions as your customer base grows.

Alternative Revenue Opportunities

Boost your income by offering:

  • Support Packages: Create a range of support options for your customers.
  • Hardware Sales/Leasing: Offer equipment and software solutions.

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