Voxtelesys Application Solutions Toolkit

In today's digital era, where seamless communication forms the backbone of every successful business, the voxtelesys tool kit brings the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate—the Voxtelesys Application Solutions Toolkit, or VAST.

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At the core of VAST lies our
Intelligent Call Manager (ICM)

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A unique solution to manage your calls; every incoming call is routed to the right solution at the right time, without fail.

  • Effortless Customer Interactions: VAST's Intelligent Call Manager (ICM) takes the guesswork out of call routing. Every incoming call is intelligently directed to the ideal solution, ensuring your customers connect with the right person at the right time. This eliminates hold times, frustration, and missed opportunities.
  • Boost Efficiency and Satisfaction: ICM optimizes call flow with features like automated scheduling, custom routing, and real-time insights. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also empowers your team to handle calls more efficiently.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: No two businesses are the same. ICM is fully customizable to your specific requirements, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and delivers the results you need.
IVR Voxtelesys customer support

Calls to Conversations: Build Lasting Customer Relationships

That's where Interactive Voice Response (IVR), VAST's IVR transforms the way you interact with your clients, offering them self-service options, providing information, and guiding them through complex processes with ease and efficiency.

It's not just an IVR; it's your 24/7 digital receptionist, enhancing customer experience while freeing up your staff to focus on what they do best.

Security and quality are of utmost importance in digital communication.

That's why our Session Border Controller (SBC) is offered to our clients that require just a bit more out of the VAST suite. It fortifies your VoIP networks, ensuring that every call is crystal clear, secure, and uninterrupted, across any network border. With VAST's SBC, you're not just protected; you're fortified against the evolving threats in digital communication.

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What's communication without connection?

Our Messaging (SMS/MMS) capabilities ensure you stay connected with your audience through personalized, direct messaging. Whether it's marketing campaigns, customer service, or alerts, VAST's messaging solutions put you in the driver's seat of your communication strategy.

  • Reach them on their terms: Today's customers crave personalized communication. VAST's messaging solutions (SMS and MMS) empower you to connect directly with your audience, wherever they are.
  • Drive Engagement & Action: Send targeted marketing campaigns, deliver exceptional customer service, and trigger timely alerts – all through a channel with incredible open rates. Boost engagement and drive results with VAST's messaging tools.
  • Simple & Powerful: Our platform makes it easy to create, manage, and track your messaging campaigns. Put the power of personalized communication at your fingertips.
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VAAST Faxing

Streamline Your Faxing. Go Paperless with Fax As A Service.

VAST's Fax As A Service (FaaS) digitizes your fax communications, integrating seamlessly into your digital environment. Send and receive faxes electronically, directly from your devices, with all the security and reliability your business demands. VAST's FaaS is not just a service; it's a leap into the future of fax communication.

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VAAST API computer with code

Lastly, the crown jewel of VAST—the VAST API

The VAST API is a powerful interface allowing you to tailor our suite to your business's unique needs. Integrate voice, messaging, fax, and call management functionalities directly into your applications. The VAST API is not just a tool; it's your canvas to create the perfect communication ecosystem for your business.

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In conclusion,

VAST is not just a suite of communication tools. It's a promise—a promise of seamless integration, unparalleled reliability, and endless possibilities for your business. With VAST, you're not just upgrading your communication systems; you're redefining the future of your business connectivity.