Voxtelesys Voice API | Basic Setup

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  • Voxtelesys Voice API | Basic Setup
  • Voxtelesys Voice API | Basic Setup

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    2. APIs > Voice API

    3. API documentation link

    If you are a developer, visit the Voice API documentation link for more information: https://voiceapi.voxtelesys.com/

    4. Create a Bin file

    • Click on the Bins tab.
    • Click on the green + sign to create a new Bin file.

    • Type a description and enter the VoxXML data. You can find the VoxXML data in the above mentioned documentation.

    5. Create a Voice API profile

    • Click on the Profiles tab.
    • Click on the + sign to create a new Voice API profile.

    • Description: Description for your Voice API profile.

    • Default: Determines whether this profile is used by default when creating calls with the Voice API.

    • Outbound Trunk: Select the trunk group to use with calls created through the Voice API.

    • Source Type: Decides whether the XML will come from a Bin or an HTTP(S) callback.

    • Source: This is the Bin or URL that is used to retrieve the XML data.

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