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  • Voxtelesys Portal | Submit a Port Request
  • Voxtelesys Portal | Submit a Port Request

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    Go to the Voxtelesys Portal and log in.

    2. Navigate to the Porting Tab

    3. Things to Note Before You Port

    You can port Local & Toll-Free numbers as well as add SMS to your local numbers. If you are porting both local and toll free numbers, please submit separate forms for each number type.

    You can view the Active or Completed Port Orders from here:

    4. Submit a Port

    Click on + Submit Port Order to begin the porting process.

    Note: You can also check the portability of your number(s) by clicking the Check Number Availability button.

    5. Select DID numbers to be ported

    If you choose the single DID option, select the number to be ported (with or without SMS):

    Selectif you are porting multiple DID numbers.

    • Without SMS:

    • With SMS:

    Local Number to be ported:

    6. Fill in your Contact Information

    • Company Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Contact Number for this port
    • Email Address for status updates
    • Confirm Email

    • Street Number
    • Street Name
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Zip/Postal Code
    • Country

    7. Fill in Losing/Current carrier's information

    • Current Carrier Name
    • Port-Out PIN (if applicable)
    • Account Number
    • Account Telephone Number (ATN/BTN)

    8. Finalize port submission

    • Customer Inbound Trunk Group
    • Requested FOC Date

    9. Finish Up!

    • Accept our Terms and Conditions
    • Sign the form
    • Click on Accept

    • Click on

    10. Port request submitted!

    A member from the Voxtelesys Porting team will reach out with any update on the port!

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