Tutorials: Submit a Port Request

Learn how to submit a port request (LOA) to move your numbers to Voxtelesys!

Go to the Voxtelesys Portal and log in.

Once logged in you can select the Porting tab from the side panel.

You can port Local & Toll-Free numbers as well as add SMS to your numbers. You can include both Local and Toll Free numbers on the same port submission.

Once your port is submitted you can see the active ports from the Porting dashboard, if you want to verify a completed port just click on the completed filter.

To start the porting process to Voxtelesys click on "+ Submit Port Order" to begin the porting process.

If you are unsure if your number is portable you can do a pre-check with the "Check Number Availability" button. This is not required as we will do this check before you can submit your request.

If you choose the single DID option, enter in the number to be ported, click on "Add" or "Add with SMS." If you are using SMS currently on the number, you will want to use the "Add with SMS" button.

  • Note: Voxtelesys creates a separate SMS LOA. This may be required to activate SMS once the port is completed.

If you want to add multiple numbers you can use the "Add Numbers in Bulk" button.

Without SMS:

With SMS:

Local Number to be ported:

The information in this section will be what is on record with your current carrier, if you have a bill you can share that with Voxtelesys after the port is created, in some cases that can help dispute a rejection.

  • Company Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Number for this port
  • Email Address for status updates
  • Confirm Email

Note that sometimes a losing carrier will require a CSR (customer service record), it is not required to have that to complete the form but our porting team will reach and let you know if it is required.

The information in this section will be what is on record with your current carrier:

  • Street Number
  • Street Name
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Country

The information in this section will be whats on record with your current carrier

  • Current Carrier Name
  • Port-Out PIN (if applicable)
  • Account Number
  • Account Telephone Number (ATN/BTN)

In this section you will select the routing you want to happen when the number is completed porting and also request the FOC date. The FOC date is the date that you want the port to happen, note that once we get a FOC date confirmed you can request a specific time by messaging our porting team from your port ticket.

  • Customer Inbound Trunk Group
  • Requested FOC Date

Final your LOA by agreeing to allow Voxtelesys attempt to port the number on your behalf and sign it!

  • Accept our Terms and Conditions
  • Sign the form
  • Click on "Accept"

Click on "Submit"

You can monitor your port from the porting dashboard, but a member from the Voxtelesys Porting team will also reach out with any update on the port!