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  • Voxtelesys Portal | Order/Add DIDs
  • Voxtelesys Portal | Order/Add DIDs

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    Go to https://portal.voxtelesys.net and log in.

    2. Phone Numbers > Number Ordering

    3. Advanced Search

    In our advanced search you can do lookups on a variety of settings!

    • Country
    • State
    • Rate Center
    • Area Code/NPA
    • City Code/NXX
    • Consecutive or Nonconsecutive Numbers

    4. Bulk Search

    Enter the Area Codes/NPAs:

    • You can search multiple NPAs at a time by entering a new line.

    Select the Quantity you want to display:

    • Note: 30 is the maximum per NPA.

    5. Select Phone Numbers

    Select the phone numbers you want to order/setup and click on Next

    6. Review

    • Review the order and select a payment method.

    • If everything looks good, click on Submit Payment

    7. Testing

    The numbers are now assigned to your account!

    You can test them by setting up the numbers in your phone system and making some calls!

    If you need new routing for your new number(s), see this guide!

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