Tutorials: Login and Account Setup

Login and Account Setup

Go to the Portal and register now! Or start right at the registration link!

Create an Account

Check your email. A message with a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. Please follow the link to activate your account.

Confirm your account via the email link.

Log back in to the Portal.

Click on "Account Setup" from the Voxtelesys Dashboard.

Enter your Company’s Information.

  • Select a Phone Plan: Select either Unlimited or Metered and select your number of lines (concurrent calls needed).
  • Phone System Configuration: Select your PBX Vendor.

3CX Add-On Services example:

We will automatically pick a number for you. However, you can select new numbers and remove the preselected number.

  • Inbound Caller ID: Enable caller ID.
  • E911: Enable E911 on at least one of your numbers.
  • Address: Enter and validate your address.
  • E911 Number: Authorize an E911 Text Notification Number.

Account Information:

  • First Name: required
  • Last Name: required
  • Title: optional
  • Email: required
  • Phone Number: required
  • Confirm Email: required
  • Fax / Secondary Phone: optional

Payment Information:

  • Name on Card: required
  • Card Number: required
  • Security Code: required
  • Expiration Date: required
  • Billing Information: Set your billing address.

Agree to the Terms and Conditions, then add your signature.

Click on "Submit" when you are finished.

You are all set! Check your email for a Voxtelesys Welcome Email, then start sending and receiving calls!