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  • Voxtelesys Portal | Add IP Address
  • Voxtelesys Portal | Add IP Address

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    If you are not redirected back to the Voxtelesys Portal, go to https://portal.voxtelesys.net and log in.

    2. SIP Trunks

    3. Open Up the Egress Trunk Type > Add IP Address

    • Your egress trunk is used for outbound calling.

    4. Add IP Information

    • IP address: Your static public IP
    • Port: Port 5060 is standard
    • Tech Prefix: None by default, if you want to prefix for another trunk you can add it here.

    • Approve Ticket:

    5. Open Up the Ingress Trunk Type > Routing > Add "+"

    If you want your incoming calls to also use this IP address, you will need to update the Ingress trunk as well, see below.

    • Your ingress trunk is used for inbound calling, your ingress trunk may have multiple routes so make sure you are on the correct route.

    6. Add IP Information

    • Destination Type: Customer IP
    • Destination: Your static public IP

    7. Adjust the Priority

    You can move the new destination type with the up and down arrows to change how Voxtelesys reaches you!

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