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    1. Select "Drip Campaign"

    2. Select + Create New Campaign

    Click on + Create New Campaign to create a new drip campaign.

    3. Add a Campaign Name

    Type in a campaign name in the text field.

    4. Select + Add Drips

    Click on + Add Drips to add as many drips as needed.

    5. Configure and Save Drips

    Type your message in the text field:

    You could configure the intervals to be in minutes, hours, or days.

    The following example is going to send drips a minute apart from each other:

    • Note: you can also delete individual drips by selecting "Remove" under "Actions"

    Click on "Save" to finalize your drip campaign.

    6. Edit and/or Delete Drip Campaigns

    • Click on "View" to edit or view your drip campaign.

    • Click on "Delete" to delete your drip campaign.

    If you click on the "View" option, you can see the date when the drip campaign was last updated.

    7. Apply Drip Campaign to Contact

    Navigate to the "Conversations" tab and open your conversation.

    Click on the water droplet icon to apply a drip campaign to this contact.

    Select the drip campaign you wish to apply to this contact:

    You will be given a preview of this drip campaign:

    Click on "Apply Campaign" to confirm.

    8. Prevent a Drip from being sent

    To prevent a drip from being sent, click on the trash can icon next to the text message before the scheduled time.

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