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    1. Select Conversations

    2. Click on New Conversation

    On the top right corner of the screen, click on "New Conversation" to compose your message.

    3. Start New Conversation

    Enter a phone number or search your contacts to begin a conversation.

    4. Compose your Message

    You can compose your message here if you wish to send a text message. You can also click on the camera icon to send pictures.

    5. Upload Picture

    After you click on the camera icon, you can browse your files for a .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG file to upload. You can optionally enter a caption here as well.

    6. Send your Message

    You can click on the paper airplane icon or click on Shift + Enter to send your message.

    7. Archive or Delete History

    Hover over Action to select either Archive or Delete History

    • If you choose to archive a conversation, it will hide the conversation from view. You can search for your conversation and it will then appear.

    • If you choose to delete your history, your conversation will be permanently deleted.

    8. Search Conversations

    You can search your conversations by clicking on the search bar on the Conversations webpage. This is useful if you have many conversations to search or if you have archived conversations you want to view.

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