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    1. Contacts > Contacts

    2. Select Import

    Select Import if you need to add your contacts in bulk.

    3. Upload File

    If you are getting your contacts from a .CSV file, select Browse to upload a file.

    Follow the format found in the sample file:

    Open your spreadsheet application to create a .CSV file.

    Hover over File in the top left corner of your spreadsheet document and click on Save As... Choose the Text CSV file format.

    Confirm that you want to use the Text CSV format.

    Click on OK to export the text file.

    4. Copy / Paste

    You can copy and paste text to create your contacts in bulk.

    Follow this format:

    5. Importing Contacts

    If you wish to skip the first line of the import, check this option:

    If you want to add your contacts to a pre-existing contact list, you can do so here:

    Once you are done, click on the Import Contacts button.

    6. Select New Contact

    If you wish to add a single contact, you can click on the New Contact button.

    You will need to fill out the full name and phone number. You can optionally fill out the email address.

    Once you are done, click on the Add Contact button.

    7. Review your Contacts

    You can use the search bar to search your contacts.

    If you wish to send a message or delete a contact, hover over Action to select either the Send Message option or the Delete option.

    Click on a contact if you want to edit it. You can also check the Opted Out option to opt that contact out from receiving automated messages.

    Once you are done, click on the Update Contact Details button. You could also select Delete Contact from here:

    8. Delete All Contacts

    If you want to delete all of your contacts, select the gear icon.

    Click on Delete All Contacts? to confirm.

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