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    1. Contacts > Lists

    2. Select + New List

    On the top right corner of the screen, click on + New List to create a new list.

    3. Enter the List Name

    Enter a list name and click on Add List when you are finished.

    4. Change the List Name

    To change the list name, enter a new name in the text field.

    Click on Change Listname to save your changes.

    5. Select + Add Contacts

    Click on + Add Contacts to add contacts to your contact list.

    Check the contacts you wish to add to your newly created contact list. Click on Add Contacts to finish.

    6. Delete Contacts from a Contact List

    Select the contact list you wish to delete contacts from.

    Check the contacts you wish to delete, then click on the trash can icon.

    7. Delete a Contact List

    If you wish to delete an entire contact list, click on Delete next to a contact list.

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