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    1. Select "Canned Responses"

    2. Add a New Response

    To add a new canned response, select "Add New Response" located in the top right corner of the screen.

    Fill out the friendly name and the message body. The auto-reply feature is optional.

    Once you are done, click on the "Add Canned Response" button.

    3. Edit a Canned Response

    Click on a canned response to edit it. You can modify the friendly name, the auto-reply, and the message body.

    To save your changes to your canned response, click on the "Edit Canned Response" button.

    To delete your canned response, click on the "Delete Response" button.

    4. Apply your Canned Response

    Navigate to the "Conversations" tab and open a conversation.

    To apply a canned response to the contact, click on the arrow icon to the left of the message bubble.

    Click on the canned response you wish to apply to this contact.

    The text will auto-populate in the text bubble.

    If you configured an auto-reply, then entering this keyword will respond with the canned response:

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