Tutorials: Add SMS v69

Voxtelesys Portal Setup

Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

Select APIs > Keys

Create a new API Key

Press the Create Key button.

Configure the following:

Enabled: On (checked)

Name: Vodia SMS

Trunk Group: Select the trunk you want billed.

You have now created an API Key! You can use the copy button when you add it to the Vodia PBX!

Select APIs > Messaging Applications

Create a Messaging Application

Press the Create Application button.

Configure the following:

Profile Name: Vodia SMS

Trunk Group: Select the same group as the API key.


Events: Select "Inbound messages (MOs)" from the drop-down menu.

MO Webhook: Copy and paste your PBX domain/recvsms into this field.

Select the Save button when you are done.

Select Phone Numbers > Numbers

Assign the messaging application to a phone number by pressing the pencil icon next to it.

Edit Phone Number

SMS Enabled: Check this option.

Service Trunk: Select the messaging API's trunk group.

Messaging Application: Select Vodia SMS.

Campaign: Select a campaign if you have one, otherwise select "None - surcharges apply" from the drop-down menu.

Press the Confirm button when you are done.

Vodia PBX Setup

Log in to the Vodia PBX

Select Settings > Messaging > Notifications

Connect Voxtelesys API

Provider: Select the Voxtelesys template.

Application secret: This is the API Key you created in the Voxtelesys Portal.

Default ANI for sending SMS Messages: Enter SMS number(s) from Voxtelesys.

Navigate to your Tenant

Select Tenants > List

Click on your Tenant.

Select Accounts > All Accounts

Select an extension from here to assign the SMS number(s) to ANI for SMS.