Tutorials: Add Ring Groups

Add Ring Groups

Enter your credentials.

Click on the "PBX" icon, then click on the "Call Center" tab and "Ring Groups" from the drop-down menu.

  • Code: Number to be dialed in order to reach this service. Enter a number that is two-characters or longer.
  • Description: A short description that will be used to identify this ring group.
  • Extensions: Select the icon next to this field to add extensions.

Drag and drop the extensions you want to add to this Ring Group. You can arrange the order by dragging the extensions up or down, which is useful if you set the Ring Group to use the “One by One” Ring Strategy.

Press the "Accept" button when you are done.

  • External Numbers: Select existing numbers from the drop-down menu or enter them here. This feature sets the DID numbers you want dialed when this Ring Group is called.
  • Ring Strategy: Set the Ring Strategy from the drop-down menu. The "Ringall" strategy would dial every extension in this Ring Group, while the "One by One" strategy would dial each extension based on their position.
  • Ring Time: This is the duration of each ring attempt made to each user, which is set to 30 seconds by default. However, you can set the Ring Time to a maximum of 160 seconds.
  • Ringback Tone: Select the Ringback Tone from this drop-down menu. The Ringback Tone provides hold music that will play until an extension answers.
  • Announcement: This will play before ringing members of this Ring Group. To create an Announcement, upload a .WAV audio file to "Recordings Management," then select the audio file.

Settings that can be enabled or disabled on this Ring Group:

  • Allow Diversions
  • Mark Cancelled Calls as Answered
  • Answer Channel
  • Skip Busy Extensions
  • No Release
  • Last Destination: This is the destination for calls when no one in the Ring Group answers. Select the module and destination from these drop-down menus. For example, you could set it to route to an extension, an IVR, to Voicemail, or to another Ring Group.
  • Note: To upload an Announcement, navigate to Settings > Voice Prompts > Recordings Management:

When you have made all of the necessary adjustments, click on the "Save" button.

Then reload VitalPBX to finalize your changes.