Tutorials: Add IVR


Enter your credentials.

Click on "PBX," then click on the "Incoming Call Tools" tab. Click on "IVR" from the drop-down menu.

Fill in General settings:

  • Description: Type in a description of your choice.
  • Class of Service: Setting controls which numbers can be dialed if "Direct Dial" is enabled. You will want to leave this on "Extensions Only" as this setting only allows dialing of internal extension numbers.
  • Invalid Tries: Regulates how many invalid attempts are allowed. The options range from 1 to 5 tries. You could also disable it from here.
  • Welcome Message: Default setting or any message you have uploaded.
  • Instructions Message: Plays after the "Welcome Message." An option if you want to separate your greeting from your instructions. Set to "None" by default.
  • Invalid Retry Message: It is played back whenever an invalid option is received and will be told to try again.
  • Invalid Message: Is played back when the maximum number of invalid tries is reached and will be sent to the invalid destination.
  • Timeout: Set to go off when the caller doesn't dial or press any option.
  • Timeout Tries: Is the number of tries a caller can have when a call times out.
  • Timeout Retry Message: Plays after a timeout, which will prompt a user to try again. This will only play if there are tries available.
  • Timeout Message: This will be played back before the caller is sent to the timeout destination. This will play when all of the tries have been used.
  • Welcome after Timeout: Turn on if you want the "Welcome Message" to be replayed after the "Timeout Retry Message."
  • Welcome after Retry: Turn on if you want it to replay the "Welcome Message" after the "Invalid Retry Message."
  • Direct Dial: Turn on if you want to enable direct calls to any number that the "Class of Service" configured on this IVR allows.

Configure Invalid and Timeout Destinations:

  • Invalid Destination: Where you will send and handle calls when the caller has entered all of the invalid tries.
  • Timeout Destination: Where you will send and how you will handle call timeouts.

Configure Entries:

First, click on the "Entries" tab.

  • Digit: Enter the digit for callers to press.
  • Module / Destination: Select the module and destination to send the call.
  • Enabled: Toggle to enable or disable.
  • Trash can icon: Delete entry.
  • Add: Add new entry.

Click on the "Save" button.

Then click on the update icon in the top right corner of the screen.