Tutorials: Add Call Queues

Add Call Queues

VitalPBX | Add Call Queues

1. Log in to VitalPBX

2. PBX > Call Center > Queues

Click on PBX, then click on the Call Center tab. Click on Queues from the drop down.

3. Create a Call Queue

Configure the General settings

  • Code: Type in a queue number.

  • Description: Type in a short description.

Add Members

Configure Members, which are an essential component of a queue. They are basically Agents.

  • Extension: Select the extension you will use as the member/agent.

  • Penalty: Add a penalty to the member/agent, which will lower their preference of being called when there are callers waiting in the queue. The higher the number, the lower the priority of this member/agent will be.

  • Member Type: Set the Member/Agent to dynamic or static.

  • Member Type (Dynamic): Dynamic members/agents can log in and out of queues.

  • Member Type (Static): Static members/agents will be in the queue permanently.

  • Allow Diversions: If you turn this on, your members/agents will be able to divert their phones. For example, they could turn on call forwarding, which will forward calls to whichever destination the members/agents have on their phones.

  • Trash can icon: Delete member/agent.

  • Add: Add a new member/agent.

Configure the Final Destination

  • Final Destination: Select where calls go when the call queue times out.

4. Save and Update

Click on Save, then click on the Update icon in the top right corner of the screen.