Tutorials: Soft Phone Setup with Zoiper

Soft Phone Setup with Zoiper

Enter the extension number followed by an @ symbol, then enter the IP address of the Unifi Dream Machine Pro.

The user’s extension number and IP address can be found in Unifi Talk.

Log in to the Unifi Portal and Navigate to Unifi Talk.

You can find the extension number by selecting "Assignments," then click on the "Users" tab.

You can then select the user to find the extension number.

To find the UDM’s IP address, navigate to the Unifi OS.

Go to "About this Console."


Open the Terminal CLI.

Enter ssh root@ followed by your UDM’s IP address.

Enter the password, which is the SSH password configured in the UDM.

Enter the following command to find the password: fs_cli -x. Then in quotations, enter: user_data [email protected] param password

  • Note: The unifi-os shell command is no longer in use.

Navigate back to the Zoiper softphone and enter the password you found in the terminal.

Select Login > Next > SIP UDP

Select "Create Account" to finish.