Tutorials: Smart Attendant Setup

Smart Attendant Setup

Navigate to Unifi Talk

From the Unifi Talk Menu, select the "Engagement" tab.

Click on the "Add Smart Attendant" button.

Name the Smart Attendant

  • Numbers: Type a number using the E164 format.
  • Extension (optional): Set the extension number you want to assign to this Smart Attendant (optional).
  • Ringback: Configure the audio that callers hear when dialing a Talk user or group. The default setting is Global.
  • Hold Music: Configure the audio that callers hear when placed on hold. The default setting is Global.

Turn on this setting if you would like the smart attendant to work differently based on business hours.

Turn on extension dialing if you want callers to be able to connect with a user or group without going through the Smart Attendant menus.

  • Generate: Generate a Text to Speech greeting.
  • Record: Record the greeting on the phone system.
  • Upload: Upload a prerecorded greeting.

You can add more keypress options after this step:

Add more keypress options by selecting the plus sign (+) to the right of the first box (optional).