Tutorials: SIP Trunk Setup (v2.1)

Enter your log in information.

Click on the "Unifi Talk" button.

Select the "Settings" icon, then click on the "System" tab.

Click on the "Add Third-Party SIP Provider" button.

  • Provider Name: Voxtelesys

Press the "Add Field" button to add custom fields.

Add the following custom fields:

  • proxy: Retrieve the proxy from Voxtelesys. The proxy and realm address should be the same.
  • realm: Retrieve the domain from Voxtelesys. The proxy and realm address should be the same.
  • password: Obtain the password from Voxtelesys.
  • register: Type in "true" in this field.
  • username: Get the authorization/username from Voxtelesys.
  • sip_cid_type: Enter "rpd" in this field.
  • retry_seconds: 30
  • expire-seconds: 120

Press the "Select Countries" button.

Select the United States and Canada from the drop-down menu.

Configuration should look like this:

Add numbers manually by typing them in or press the "Import Numbers with .TXT File" button.

Please note these configuration settings can change, so we recommend contacting Voxtelesys Support. However, we will keep this guide up-to-date, please use below IPs.

Updated IP ranges: 3/01/2024


Press the "Apply Changes" button when you are finished.

Verify Voxtelesys is your SIP Trunk Provider and its status is enabled.