Tutorials: DID & Inbound Route Setup

Under the "System Management" tab, select the "Telephony Settings" option, then select "DIDs" from the drop-down menu.

Fill out the "From" field to add a single DID.

Fill out the "From" and "To" fields for multiple, consecutive DIDs.

Check assigned DIDs to be used for inbound routes.

Under the "Tenant Management" tab, select the "Call Routing" option, then click on "Inbound" from the drop-down menu.

Select either "Create Operator Managed Routes Group" or "Create Time Based Routes Group"

  1. Select the number you want to create routing.

  2. Give the route a description.

  3. Add a route.

  4. Select the time setting.

  5. Select the route type (extension in our example).

  6. Select the extension.

Save your new inbound route.