Tutorials: Textable Setup

Open and log in to the Voxtelesys Portal. We recommend opening the Voxtelesys Portal in a new tab so you can easily copy/paste information into Textable.

Navigate to Messaging Applications in the Voxtelesys Portal.

Click "Create Application" button.

Messaging applications are used to deliver inbound messages and delivery reports to your web server or application.

Developers can view our Messaging API documentation for more information.

  • Profile Name: Textable
  • Trunk Group: Select your Trunk Group
  • HTTP Method: POST
  • Events: Both
  • MO Webhook:
  • DR Webhook:
  • DR Type: Per recipient
  • Authentication: None

Click on “Save” to create the new messaging application.

Navigate to the API Keys tab in the Voxtelesys Portal.

Create a new API Key. API keys give you access to Voxtelesys' RESTful APIs and services.

Developers can view our API documentation for more information.

  • Enabled: Checked
  • Name: Textable
  • Trunk Group: Set Trunk Group to the same trunk in your messaging application

Copy the new API Key into the Access Tokenfield in Textable.

Go to the "Phone Numbers > Numbers" section in the Voxtelesys dashboard.

In the numbers table, click on the edit icon under the number you would like to enable SMS on for Textable.

Set the Messaging Application to your Textable profile!

That's it, you can now send and receive messages with Textable using Voxtelesys!