Teams: Add Auto Attendant

  • Teams: Add Auto Attendant
  • Teams: Add Auto Attendant

    1. Log in to Teams Admin Center

    Side Panel > Voice > Auto Attendants

    2. Add an Auto Attendant

    3. Fill in Call Queue information

    Name Auto Attendant: Name of IVR

    Operator: optional

    Time Zone: Time zone for IVR

    Language: Language for IVR

    Enable voice inputs: Allow/disallow voice commands in IVR

    4. Call Flow

    1. Select setting for "First play a greeting message."
    • If you are playing a message for press 1, 2, etc., then set as no greeting.

    2. After first greeting configure "Then route the call"

    • This is where you can upload your press 1, 2, etc. file and setup, example below:

    5. Set Auto Attendant Hours

    1. Set up your business hours for this IVR

    2. Set up after hours routing

    After "First play a greeting message," select how to route the call.

    6. Holidays Setup

    Set up known holidays or holidays for the year.

    7. Add Resource Account

    Add your IVR/Auto Attendant Resource account, if you haven't created a resource account you can follow these instructions

    8. Save

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