SIP Trunk Setup: Epygi PBX

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  • SIP Trunk Setup: Epygi PBX
  • SIP Trunk Setup: Epygi PBX

    1. Select "Telephony" and go to “VoIP Carrier”

    2. Keep the VoIP Carrier as “Manual” and add “Voxtelesys” as the description.

    3. Configure the Common Trunk Settings

    • Account Name: Username given by Voxtelesys
    • Password: Password given by Voxtelesys
    • SIP Server: Server given by Voxtelesys
    • SIP Server Port: The port number set for your SIP
    • Make sure that the “Use RTP Proxy” option is checked on.

    4. Set up the Code Rules

    If you select the "By Prefix" option, type "1" for the prefix.

    If you select the “By Pattern” option, type the character ‘x’ ten times to match calls with 10 digits.

    • Emergency Code: The emergency code of your area (911 in this example)
    • Route Incoming calls to “00” for the default auto attendant, or a specific extension can be selected if needed.

    Select "Finish" and the trunk will be added!

    5. Assigning DID to Extension

    From the "Extensions" tab, go to the admin settings of the user you wish to add the DID to.

    Within the SIP Settings, go ahead and assign the DID number into the “Username / DID number” area.

    Save and the DID was added!

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides here!

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