Porting from Google Voice

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  • Porting from Google Voice
  • Porting from Google Voice

    1. Sign in to your Google Voice account

    • Go to Settings > Account

    • Click Unlock under Google Voice number

    • There may be a charge. Go to Google Pay to finish the transaction.

    • Go back to your Google Voice number porting and check the status to see that it says unlocked or the button changes to the Lock option.

    2. Once it shows your number as unlocked you can fill out your porting form from Voxtelesys

    Link to the Voxtelesys Porting form: https://portal.voxtelesys.net/porting

    • Account number (phone number with no dashes)
    • Port Out PIN (used to check your voicemails, if you do not have one leave blank)
      • Located under Settings > Voicemail
      • Do not change your PIN while porting is in progress

    3. Google Voice will send you an email after your number has been successfully ported.

    4. You can then cancel your Google Voice account