Tutorials: SIP Trunk Setup

SIP Trunk Setup

This guide will help you to configure a Voxtelesys SIP Trunk on Issabel PBX. Issabel PBX is a fork of the older Elastix PBX, this guide will work for configuring Elastix as well.

Under the "PBX" tab, select "PBX Configuration" from the drop-down menu.

On the "PBX Configuration" page, select the "Trunks" option.

Click on the "+ Add SIP Trunk" button.

  • Trunk Name: Voxtelesys
  • Outbound CID: Number from Voxtelesys

Dialed Number Manipulation Rules:

  • Match Pattern 1: NXXNXXXXXX
  • Match Pattern 2: 1NXXNXXXXXX
  • Trunk Name: OB_Voxtelesys

PEER Details:

  • username=Username from Voxtelesys
  • secret=Password from Voxtelesys
  • host=Domain/host from Voxtelesys
  • type=friend
  • insecure=port,invite
  • qualify=yes
  • disallow=all
  • allow=ulaw&alaw
  • USER Context: IB_Voxtelesys

USER Details:

  • qualify=yes
  • Register String: Username:Password@Domain

Submit and Apply, then your trunk will register!

To check you can go to PBX > Tools > Asterisk CLI

Enter the command:

sip show registry