Tutorials: SIP Trunk Setup

SIP Trunk Setup

Under the "Extension/Trunk" tab, click on "VoIP Trunks" from the drop down.

Click on the "+ Add SIP Trunk" button.

Type: Register SIP Trunk

Provider Name: Voxtelesys

Host Name: From Voxtelesys

Username: From Voxtelesys

Password: From Voxtelesys

From Domain: Same as the Host Name

Go to the advanced tab and select the codecs:




*Send PPI Header: Enabled

*PPI Mode: DOD Number

Save the SIP Trunk settings.

To update your caller ID, select "DOD" under "Options"

DOD Number: Number from Voxtelesys

DOD Name: Pick a name identifier

*Add Extensions that will use this number as their caller ID.

Save and apply the configuration.