Grandstream HT8xx ATA Setup

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  • Grandstream HT8xx ATA Setup
  • Grandstream HT8xx ATA Setup

    Configuring your Grandstream ATA device to work directly with Voxtelesys is easy, just follow the steps below and you can connect an analog line to SIP in no time.

    1. Log in to the Grandstream GUI

    Put the private IP address of the Grandstream into your web browser. If you do not know the IP address, you can do a network scan or plug in an analog phone and dial *** and wait for the IVR menu to play, then dial 02.

    Now type the IP into your web browser. Example:

    2. Enter username and password

    If this is a factory reset device, enter admin for the username and password. Otherwise, enter your changed/updated password.

    3. FXS Port Setup

    Once you are logged in, head over to the FXS Port.

    4. Update FXS Port

    Make the following changes to the FXS Port:

    • Primary SIP Server: Domain from Voxtelesys

    • NAT Traversal: Keep-Alive
    • SIP User ID: Phone number for ATA
    • Authenticate ID: Username/Auth ID from Voxtelesys
    • Authenticate Password: Password from Voxtelesys

    • SIP Registration: Yes
    • Unregister On Reboot: No

    • Preferred DTMF method: RFC2833

    • Preferred Vocoder: (1) PCMU, (2) PCMA, (3) G729

    5. Apply and Update

    At the bottom, hit Apply and Update

    6. Verify Status

    From the top page, click Status to see if the ATA is registered on the FXS port!

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