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Tutorials: Grandstream HT8xx ATA Setup

Grandstream HT8xx ATA Setup

Log in to the Grandstream GUI

Put the private IP address of the Grandstream device into your web browser. If you do not know the IP address, you can do a network scan or plug in an analog phone. If you use an analog phone, dial ***, then wait for the IVR menu to play. When the IVR menu plays dial 02.

Now type the IP address into your web browser. Example:

If this is device is factory reset, enter admin for the username and password. Otherwise, enter your changed/updated password.

Once you are logged in, head over to the Profile 1 tab.

Make the following changes:

  • Primary SIP Server: Enter the domain from Voxtelesys.
  • NAT Traversal: Select the "Keep-Alive" radio button.
  • SIP Registration: Select the "Yes" radio button.
  • Unregister On Reboot: Select the "No" radio button.

Preferred DTMF method (in listed order):

  • Priority 1: RFC2833

Preferred Vocoder (in listed order):

  • choice 1: PCMU
  • choice 2: PCMA
  • choice 3: G729

Press the "Apply" button to save your configuration.

You will receive this message if it was saved successfully:

Go over to the FXS Port tab.

  • SIP User ID: Enter the phone number for the ATA device.
  • Authenticate ID: Enter the username/Auth ID you received from Voxtelesys.
  • Password: Enter the password you received from Voxtelesys.

From the top page, click on "Status" to see if the ATA device is registered on the FXS port!

Learning Hub / Tutorials / ATA Configs / Grandstream HT8xx ATA Setup FAQs