Tutorials: Add Outbound Routes

Log in to FreePBX

Select Connectivity > Outbound Routes

Select "+ Add Outbound Route"

Route Name: Enter "Voxtelesys_OB" as the route name.

Route CID: Enter the DID number you received from Voxtelesys.

Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes: Select Voxtelesys as your permanent route.

Switch over to the Dial Patterns tab.

Note: Dial patterns are only necessary if not set up on the SIP Trunk.

Add the rules below (optional):

North American dialing rule w/ prepend:

Prepend: 1

Match Pattern: NXXNXXXXXX

North American dialing rule:

Match Pattern: 1NXXNXXXXXX

911 rule:

Match Pattern: 911

922 rule (Test dial of 911):

Match Pattern: 922

988 rule:

Match Pattern: 988

International dialing rule:

Match Pattern: 011.

Click on "Submit" when you are finished.

After that, select "Apply Config" to reload FreePBX and finalize your changes.