Tutorials: SIP Trunk Setup

SIP Trunk Setup

Under the "Connectivity" tab, click on "Trunks" from the drop down.

Select "+ Add Trunk" and select "+ Add SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk" from the drop down.

Trunk Name: Voxtelesys

Outbound CallerID: Number from Voxtelesys

Maximum Channels: Line limit from Voxtelesys

*Change to the "Dialed Number Manipulation Rules" tab.

Match the rules below:

Prepend: 1 | Match Pattern: NXXNXXXXXX

Match Pattern: 1NXXNXXXXXX

Match Pattern: 911

Match Pattern: 922 Test dial 911 to verify address

Match Pattern: 011. International calling

*Change to "pjsip Settings" tab.

Username: From Voxtelesys

Secret: From Voxtelesys

SIP Server: From Voxtelesys

*Change to the "Advanced" tab under "pjsip Settings"

From Domain: Same as SIP Server from Voxtelesys

Change to the "Codecs" tab under "pjsip Settings"

Set the following codecs in this order: ulaw alaw g729

Submit and apply your configuration.