FreePBX: Add Call Queues

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  • FreePBX: Add Call Queues
  • FreePBX: Add Call Queues

    1. Application > Queues

    2. Select + Add Queue

    3. Queue General Settings

    Queue Number: Number of IVR

    Queue Name: Name of Queue

    Fail Over Destination: Choose where you want this call to go if there are no agents or if it meets a time out

    4. Add Agents

    Static Agents: Agents are assumed to be in the queue all the time

    Dynamic Agents: Agents can log in and out of queue

    5. Notable Queue Settings

    Timing & Agent Options

    • Max wait time: Limit the time people can be stuck in the queue

    Capacity Options

    • Max Callers: Limit amount of callers in the queue

    Caller Announcements

    • Frequency: Frequency of caller position announcement
    • Announce Position: Let the caller know what position they are in
    • IVR Break Out Menu: Let caller leave queue and enter an IVR
    • Repeat Frequency: Time to repeat IVR break out option

    5. Submit and apply config

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