Tutorials: User Extension Setup

User Extension Setup

Enter your credentials.

Select the "Extensions" tab.

Click on the "+ Add" button.

  • Extension: Type in an extension number.
  • Type: Leave it on "User Extension" from the drop-down menu.

Click on the "Save" button when you are done.

  • Display Name: Enter a display name that will be used as the CNAM (Caller ID).
  • Password: Generate a password if you want to use GUI Login, Call Relay, and/or Remote Access.
  • Confirm Password: Confirm the password you generated above.
  • Attached Line: Attach an IP line to this extension to be able to make and receive calls. If you do not attach an IP line, it becomes a Virtual Extension (VE). A VE cannot place/receive calls, but is allowed a limited number of services like call forwarding or voicemail service.
  • Note: There are other services you can enable/configure on a user extension including "Use Kickback," "Allow Call Relay," "Allow GUI Login," "Allow 3pcc/Click2Dial Access," "Show on Public Directory," "Use Parent Extension," etc.

You will receive a message that says that the changes may not take effect until the phone is rebooted. Select "Yes" to reboot the phone(s).

Verify that your user extension has been added to Extensions Management.