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  • Enabled 2FA | Voxtelesys Portal
  • Enabled 2FA | Voxtelesys Portal

    1. Log in to the Voxtelesys Portal

    2. Edit your profile

    Then Edit Profile

    3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

    Toggle on Use Two-Factor Authentication

    Scan the QR code

    Using a TOTP supported authenticator app, scan the QR code.

    • Some supported apps are Authenticator+, Google Authenticator, or Duo.

    Enter the Code from your Authenticator App

    4. Save

    5. Log out and Log back in!

    Next time you log in you will need to:

    • Turn on the Security Code Toggle

    • Open your Authenticator App and enter the code


    You will get an error logging in with the following scenarios.

    1. 2FA is enabled on the account and the user does not use the security code
    2. 2FA is enabled on the account and the user enters the wrong or expired security code
    3. 2FA is not enabled on the account and the user tries to use a random security code

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