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  • Creating Outbound Routes: Yeastar
  • Creating Outbound Routes: Yeastar

    Outbound Routes are a series of rules or Dial Patterns that determine how a phone call will connect to the public telephone system. This tutorial will demonstrate adding outbound routes with your Yeaster Cloud PBX.

    1. Go to PBX Settings > Call Controls > Outbound Routes.

    2. Check the box next to Routeout and delete. Then select Add.

    3. Enter a name of your choosing in the Name Field.

    4. Enter the seven-digit dial pattern into the Patterns Field.

    5. Enter 1 plus your area code into the Prepend Field.

    6. Enter the ten-digit dial pattern into the Patterns Field.

    7. Enter 1 into the Prepend Field.

    8. Enter the eleven-digit dial pattern into the Patterns Field.

    Note: You will not have to prepend this number.

    9. If you wish to make international calls, enter 011 followed by a ‘.’ for this field.

    10. If you want to lock international calling to a specific country, add the country code to this field.

    Note: Voxtelesys does not support international calling without the customer's permission. If you wish to have international calling, contact Support at Voxtelesys.

    11. If you wish to add emergency calling, add the 911 dial pattern.

    Note: Make sure Voxtelesys has e911 services for your trunk before adding emergency calling.

    12. Verify your Voxtelesys trunk is in the selected member trunks column.

    13. Add the member extensions you want to be allowed to this outbound route.

    14. You can choose a password to prevent unauthorized calling.

    15. Rrmemory Hunt allows you to rotate multiple trunks, so the same trunk isn’t used every time. You can select this box if you want to enable this feature.

    16. Select Save when finished.

    17. Voxtelesys suggests you configure your emergency number if you set up emergency calling. When this is configured, the emergency number takes priority over all other calls on the PBX. To configure, select the emergency number tab > add.

    18. Enter the emergency number for the U.S. (911).

    Note: Make sure your trunk is Voxtelesys.

    19. Select Save when finished, and Apply to configure.

    If you have any questions, contact Support at Voxtelesys.