Tutorials: SIP Trunk/User Setup

Log in to your Bria Teams webpage: https://teams.softphone.com/dashboard/

After clicking on the hyperlink and signing in, navigate to "Voice and Video"

Click below to add a new voice configuration.

Select the "Configure SIP Settings" option. Enter all of your settings and share the configuration among your team members.

  • Service Label: Voxtelesys (or any identifier you like)
  • Domain: From Voxtelesys
  • Port: 5060
  • Register with domain and receive calls: checked
  • Transport: UDP

Make sure to click on "Save And Close" after you are done with the voice configuration.

Select the "Team Members" option.

After clicking on the "Team Members" option, you can edit a user.

  • SIP Username/Call Extension: From Voxtelesys.
  • SIP/Voice Password: From Voxtelesys.

Select the "Settings and Preferences" option.

Under "Settings and Preferences" tab, you can edit the codecs.

Select these audio codecs:

  • G.711u
  • G.711a
  • G.729