Add SMS: Vodia PBX

  • Add SMS: Vodia PBX
  • Add SMS: Vodia PBX

    Setup Voxtelesys Portal

    1. Login to the Portal

    Go to the Voxtelesys Portal and Login!

    2. Create a new API Key

    API Keys > Create Key

    • Enabled: ON (checked)
    • Name: Vodia SMS
    • Trunk Group: Select the trunk you want billed

    You have now created an API Key! You can use the copy button when you add it to the Vodia PBX!

    3. Create a Messaging Application

    Messaging Application > Create Application

    • Profile Name: Vodia SMS
    • Trunk Group: Same group as the API key
    • HTTP Method: POST
    • MO Webhook: Your PBX domain/recvsms

    4. Assign Application to Numbers

    Phone Numbers > Numbers

    • Edit

    • Under "Messaging Application," select "Vodia SMS."

    Setup Vodia PBX

    1. Navigate to "Notifications"

    • Under the Admin > Messaging > Notifications

    2. Connect Voxtelesys API

    • Provider: Select the Voxtelesys Template
    • Application Secret: This is the API Key you created in the Voxtelesys Portal
    • Default ANI for Sending SMS Messages: SMS number from Voxtelesys

    • You can add multiple numbers with a comma!

    3. Assign the SMS number to an Extension > ANI for SMS

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides Here!

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