Add Dial Plan: Vodia PBX

  • Add Dial Plan: Vodia PBX
  • Add Dial Plan: Vodia PBX

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    Add a dial plan for your Voxtelesys SIP trunk. For more information on the dial plan settings please refer to the Vodia link:

    1. Select "Agent Groups"

    Under the Domain navigate to "Dial Plans" under "Trunks"

    2. Select "+ | Add"

    3. Name Dial Plan

    Name: Voxtelesys_DP

    4. Create

    5. Edit Dial Plan

    Click on the Dial Plan to start editing

    6. Add Agents

    Add the following dial plan routes:


    1. 011* - International Dialing
    2. xxxxxxxxxx - North American w/o a 1
    3. 1xxxxxxxxxx - North American w/ a 1
    4. [911|922] - Emergency Dialing

    7. Save