Tutorials: Add Call Queues

Add Call Queues

Call Queues in the Vodia PBX are very powerful and customizable. We will go over creating a queue and some basic settings. For more information on call queues, please see Vodia's information page: https://doc.vodia.com/docs/agentgroups

From your domain, navigate to "Agent Groups" under the "Accounts" tab.

Click on the "+ | Add" button.

  • Account Name: Number for Queue
  • Display Name: Name of Queue

Select the "+ | Create" button.

Click on the queue number to start editing.

  • As mentioned in the overview, there are a lot of different settings here, so you will want to go through and pick what is best for you queue.

You can add two different types of Agents:

  1. Primary: These extensions are added to the Queue and do not need to log in.
  2. Extensions that can add themselves (* for all): These extensions can dynamically join and leave when they need to.

Select "Extensions" then click on the "+ | Add" button.

  • Algorithm for selecting next agent: Choose how your queue rings agents.
  • Position for adding agent: Start new agents at the front or back of the queue.
  • Condition for including more agents: Customize queue on when to pick agents.

Save your settings. There are many other settings/parameters that can be customized to meet your needs!