3CX | Add Bulk DID Numbers

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  • 3CX | Add Bulk DID Numbers
  • 3CX | Add Bulk DID Numbers

    1. Log in to the 3CX Management Console

    2. Select Inbound Rules

    3. Export Rule

    1. Select an Inbound Rule that is currently using the SIP Trunk you want to add the numbers to.

    2. In the upper right, click on Export

    4. Add DID/Numbers to file

    1. Open the exported file.

    All of the fields can be changed, but here are the ones to note:

    Name: Name of the inbound rule

    Ports: SIP Trunk Identity

    1. Update and save the file.

    5. Import the updated file

    1. Click on Import

    1. Select your saved file.

    6. Verify Imported Numbers

    Make any changes to the rules to match your routing.

    If you need help configuring your trunk or inbound numbers check out the guides below! More Voxtelesys Portal Guides here!

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