Tutorials: Create a Backup (V20)

Create a Backup (V20)

Enter your credentials.

Click on the "Admin" button on the lower left of the screen.

Select the "Backup" tab.

Click on the "Backup Now" button.

Enter the required information:

  • Backup Name: Type in a name of your choice.


  • Include Local Recordings: Check this option if you want to include local recordings in your backup.
  • Backup Encryption Password: Check this option and enter a password to encrypt this backup. This password should only be alpha-numeric with no special characters.

You will receive a message that indicates that your backup is being processed.

Once your backup is complete, you will see it on the "Backup" home page.

Create a Scheduled Backup

Select the "Scheduled Backups" button.

Enter the required information:

  • Enable Scheduler: Leave it on and set it to either daily or weekly.
  • Rotation: Set it to the number of rotations you desire. This setting defines the number of backups to keep in your system before overwriting the oldest backup.