3CX (V20) | Create a Backup

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  • 3CX (V20) | Create a Backup
  • 3CX (V20) | Create a Backup

    1. Log in to 3CX

    2. Navigate to the 3CX Admin Console

    3. Select Backup

    4. Select Backup Now

    5. Enter Backup Information

    Enter the required information:

    • Backup Name: Type in a name of your choice.


    • Include Local Recordings: Check this option if you want to include local recordings in your backup.
    • Backup Encryption Password: Check this option and enter a password to encrypt this backup. This password should only be alpha-numeric with no special characters.

    You will receive a message that indicates that your backup is being processed:

    6. Verify Backup's Creation

    Once your backup is complete, you will see it on the Backup home page.

    7. Create a Scheduled Backup

    Select the Scheduled Backups button.

    Enter the required information:

    • Enable Scheduler: Leave it on and set it to either daily or weekly.
    • Rotation: Set it to the number of rotations you desire. This setting defines the number of backups to keep in your system before overwriting the oldest backup.