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  • 3CX (V20) | Add Users
  • 3CX (V20) | Add Users

    1. Log in to 3CX

    2. Navigate to the 3CX Admin Console

    3. Select Users

    4. Select + Add user

    5. Configure the General settings

    • Extension: An extension number is auto-generated. However, you could set it to whichever number is available.
    • Email: Enter the user's email address.
    • First Name: Enter the user's first name here.
    • Last Name: Enter the user's last name here.
    • Role: Set the user's role from the drop down menu.


    • Mobile: Type in the user's mobile number.
    • Outbound Caller ID: Type in a custom Caller ID number or select one from the drop down (if one is set up).
    • Assigned DID number(s): The DID number(s) assigned here will route directly to this user.

    6. Configure 3CX Talk (optional)

    Optional: Set up 3CX Live Chat & Talk and 3CX Quick Meeting so that you can place a link in either your email signature or website to allow people to call/meet with a single click.

    Configure the following:

    • Friendly name: This field is auto-generated from the name of your user.
    • Ask customer for: Set it to ask for customers' name and/or email address, or set it to none.

    7. Set up Office Hours (optional)

    Optional: Set this extension to use either default or specific office hours. If you choose to set up specific office hours, click on the Add button beneath each day of the week you want to set up a time range.

    Once you click on a day of the week, it will give you a time range to set up:

    8. Save

    Click on the Save button when you are finished.