3CX (V20) | Add Digital Receptionists

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  • 3CX (V20) | Add Digital Receptionists
  • 3CX (V20) | Add Digital Receptionists (IVRs)

    1. Log in to 3CX

    2. Navigate to the 3CX Admin Console

    3. Select Call handling

    4. Select + Add digital receptionist

    5. Configure the General settings

    • Digital receptionist name: Enter a name of your choice here.
    • Prompt: Use the Upload icon next to the Prompt field to upload your WAV file recording and select it from the drop down menu.


    • Assigned DID number(s): The DID number(s) assigned here will route directly to this digital receptionist.

    • Menu:
      • Key: Select the key that the caller should dial.
      • Action: Decide the action of each key. This could be set to connect to an extension, a ring group, a call queue, a voicemail, etc.
      • Destination: Set the destination for your key press.

    • Destinations: You can configure destinations that meet office hours criteria if you have office hours set up.

    Navigate to the Options tab.

    • Forward SMS: Set up an alternate route for SMS messages here.
    • Invalid input destination: Set the extension number from the drop down.
    • If no input within seconds: The default number of seconds is set to 60, but you could change it to whatever you would like.
    • Send call to: This is the action that is taken when there is no input within the set number of seconds. It is set to the "End call" option by default.

    6. Save

    Click on the Save button when you are finished.