3CX (V20) | Add Departments

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  • 3CX (V20) | Add Departments
  • 3CX (V20) | Add Departments

    1. Log in to 3CX

    2. Navigate to the 3CX Admin Console

    3. Select Departments

    4. Select + Add Department

    5. Create Department

    Enter the required information:

    • Department name: Enter a department name of your choice here.

    6. Add Members

    Select the + Add button to add members to the department.

    Check the boxes next to the members you wish to add:

    • Note: It is recommended to add at least one Department Administrator.

    7. Save and Verify

    Select the back arrow to navigate to the Departments home page.

    Verify your configuration:

    8. Add Office Hours

    Navigate to Office hours, then click on the department's tab.

    • How to set up Office hours:
      • Set your time zone: Select your time zone from the drop down menu.
      • Office hours: Select "Add" under each day of the week to set office hours.
      • Break hours: Select "Add" under each day of the week to set break times.

    • How to set up Office Holidays: Click on the "+ Add" button to set up Holidays.